Additional & Optional Insurance Features

Third Party Property Damage Cover

A good choice for lower-value vehicles that aren’t used very often. TPPD cover provides protection against any damage your vehicle may cause to someone else’s car or property but no Own Damage cover. However, it does include Uninsured Motorist cover of up to $5000 if your vehicle is damaged by an uninsured vehicle and you can demonstrate that the collision was entirely the other driver’s fault.

Rental Car Following Accident

Optional on all Regular or Business Use policies. Provides a rental vehicle for up to 14 days or $1400 while your vehicle is being repaired or awaiting claim settlement.

Windscreen & Window Glass Benefit

For an additional premium, Excess Free Glass Cover is available on vehicles of any age covered under a Comprehensive policy through Enthusiast.

Spare Parts Cover

Up to $2500 worth of parts (extra wheels, spare engine etc) pertaining to vehicles insured through Enthusiast can be covered for loss or damage. Secure storage is required to access this useful policy option.

Classic Motorcycles

If you’ve got at least one other vehicle insured through Enthusiast, we may also be able to cover your Classic bike. To be eligible, motorcycles must be at least 30 years old, with riders aged 25 or older and used only for Recreational or Club purposes.