Special Car Insurance Australia

Even though self driving cars may seem like something of the distant future, this kind of technology may be coming soon to a city near you. For drivers in Australia, the future may be closer than you think, so it may be time to start thinking about special car insurance.

Exploring the Self Driving Car Industry

Self driving carsAustralia’s very own solo driven car has been incubating for a full year. Modeled after the Tesla Model X, this car has some serious technology under its hood. The impending reality of autonomous vehicles has been a push in the right direction for Australian engineers. Though most of the automobile technology in Australia centers around imported cars requiring citizens to invest in import car insurance, this new self-driving industry has the power to reignite local vehicle production.

The main driving force behind the pursuit of such technology is higher levels of safety on the road. According to Bosch Australia’s president, Gavin Smith, the self driving vehicles remove human error from driving, in turn, making it safer. Ideally, automated cars would result in zero road related deaths.

Motor Insurance Puts Safety First

special-carsIt goes without saying that this new self-driving technology is virtually a frontier that is just beginning to be explored. While this technology is just developing, it is a great idea to research special car insurance for this kind of technology.

When it comes to the safety, of autonomous vehicles, there are varying levels of “autonomy” for the self-driving cars. Your specialty insurance will depend on the level of vehicle that you get. Level 4 cars are hands-free and high speed while Level 5 cars are completely self-driven. Many car companies like Audi and Volvo are already planning how to cover their potential autonomous car related accidents while, Mercedes-Benz are developing technology for answering the ethical questions of “who lives and dies” in an autonomous car-related accident.

Trials and Tests of Autonomous Vehicles

The first tests of these self-driving vehicles in Europe and the United States have been taking place over the past few years. In Australia, the first test drives of these vehicles were held in Adelaide, and soon will be conducted in South Australia and Victoria.

These trials will help develop in the safety and regulation of these autonomous vehicles. Law regarding the purchase of these self driving vehicles are already being put in place—requiring a driver’s test for all those interested in purchasing a self driving car of their own.

New technology always brings new opportunities as well as new problems. As autonomous cars continue to develop their technology, hopefully any problems will be worked out and these self driving cars will lead the way to a better tomorrow.