classic-car-insuranceCollecting cars, especially the classic variety is a hobby that many automotive enthusiasts get a real kick out of. There is something special about finding a great old car and giving it a little bit of TLC in order to get it back to its former glory. It’s one thing to come across a great old car, but quite another to be reunited with one that belonged to you over 4 decades ago. That is what recently happened to Tasmanian racing legend Greg Crick, as he was reunited with the fire red 1948 Holden FX that he first caught a glimpse of 40 years ago. We are guessing Gregg would not mind paying the classic car insurance renewal on this beauty.

Crick is now retired from racing, but was reunited with the car to take part in a charity race at the Baskerville Historics event. The goal was to raise funds to help keep the Baskerville Raceway in Old Beach in operation. It is the oldest continually licensed track in Australia, and is therefore worth all the efforts being made to keep it in operation. This race may well have been the last time that racing fans get to see Crick behind the wheel, as he recently retired due to a series of injuries that eventually took their toll.

car-insurance-renewalA ton of memories must have come flooding back for Crick when he got behind the wheel of the 1948 Holden FX, which he first purchased for a mere $325. That is a good sight less than what it would likely cost for classic car insurance renewal nowadays. The Holden was a vehicle that Crick fell in love with when he started racing back in 1971, and by all accounts, he said that the old car smelt the same inside on race day as it did all those years ago. He owned the car for 18 months, and while he can’t remember what vehicle came after it, he always held a special place in his heart for the Holden.

It was the current owners of the car who gave Crick permission to race the car in this event. The Jones family have owned the Holden FX for a number of years, and while the original buyer has passed away, the remaining members of the family, as well as Mr. Crick, have continued to ensure that the grand old car stays looking as good as she always has. Mr. Crick may not have driven the car in this race with the same ferocity that he did during his great racing career, but it may well be because he wanted to take time to savor one last turn behind the wheel before driving off into the sunset to officially end his racing career.

We can only hope that you look after your classic cars as well as the Jones family and Mr. Crick have looked after the 1948 Holden FX. Classic car insurance is just one way to ensure that your investment is protected.