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While some people are quite happy to have a nice little vehicle that gets them from Point A to Point B with the minimum of fuss, there are others who are in the market for something a little more dramatic. For those people, it is performance car insurance that often stops them from pulling the trigger on their dream car. What may come as a surprise, though, is that they may have the wrong ideas about insurance and how much it will cost. There are several insurance myths out there, and we would like to take some time to clear them up.

Enthusiast Car Insurance offers specialist car insurance for imported, high performance and modified cars. Australia, Europe, the USA and Japan have all built models that fit within this category.

One of the strangest myths out there is that you will pay a higher premium if you drive a red performance vehicle. Since red is one of the more popular colors for these types of cars, it’s easy to understand why potential owners might shy away from that purchase. The reality is that insurers really don’t care about the color of the vehicle, and probably won’t even ask.

One myth that is true is the fact that you are likely to pay less for insurance if you are 55 or older. Even if you are investing in a performance car, it will be your performance behind the wheel over the years that will get you a great premium. Drivers who have been safe on the road for years are rewarded with more affordable premiums than their younger, less experienced counterparts.

Performance BMWThe age of your vehicle may well have an impact on insurance rates, but this is a bit of a sticky one. There are newer cars with advanced safety features that make them likely to be cheaper, but some of those may be among the most desirable to car thieves, which drives up the premiums. This is one area where you may need to request a quote before you buy.

One of the biggest myths out there is that men are better drivers than women, and are therefore likely to get a better insurance rate. The fact of the matter is that women tend to be more careful behind the wheel than men, which means they are more appealing to insurers. If you are a woman looking to get behind the wheel of a performance car, you might just be able to do so with a great insurance rate.

Do you want a performance car that is a little on the smaller side? If so, choose one with a top safety rating. Compact cars are often made from lesser quality materials, and may not have the safety features of the big boys. That is a red flag to insurers, but if you go with a compact model that is also highly rated for safety, you are going to save with your monthly premiums.

Rather than believing everything you hear about car insurance, we suggest that you get the facts from the professionals. Good insurance companies are happy to answer any questions you may have about the products they offer, and they will certainly be happy to present you with a quote if needed.

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