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Custom motor car insurance

Enthusiast Underwriting Pty Ltd (motor car insurance) brings to the market a unique blend of custom car insurance and motor vehicle knowledge, exceptional service and innovative insurance products.

When three of Australia’s most respected insurance practitioners sat down to design a new insurance business, they knew it had to be something very special.

Enthusiast Directors Peter Morgan, Cliff Chambers and Steve Walter have between them more than 60 years’ experience in this challenging arena. When devising the business that would become Enthusiast Underwriting, their sole focus was on delivering the best service to clients at the lowest possible cost.

At Enthusiast Underwriting (motor car insurance) our aim is to be the best at what we’re good at – insuring the cars that Australians view as being significant and worthy of being preserved. Custom cars are a owners pride and joy!

The person you talk to at Enthusiast actually knows about cars and likes them. When you call to insure an Abarth, Zundapp or anything in between there’s sure to be someone on our team who knows what it is and how to help you.

At Enthusiast we don’t have fixed ideas of how cool or costly a car has to be to qualify for the highest levels of protection. If it’s special to you, and treated that way, it’s special to us.

We are also dedicated to providing a highly professional and responsive claims service that will get your vehicle assessed and repaired as quickly as possible.

Enthusiast policies are proudly underwritten by Assetinsure Pty Limited; a diverse Australian insurer with backing from some of the world’s largest reinsurers which fully understands the needs and expectations of our clients.

Please come in and spend some time exploring what Enthusiast Underwriting can do for you and your special car.