Policy Features

Agreed Value

We agree with you on the sum insured for your special vehicle. If it’s a rare model, modified or simply in superb condition it may be worth considerably more than a standard version. Photographs, restoration invoices and vehicle history may be required to confirm values.

Salvage Retention

Sometimes it just isn’t cost effective to repair a damaged vehicle. That doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired at all or that your much-loved vehicle will be sent to the crusher. If your car is 30 years old or more, or between 15 and 30 years old if you elect to include Salvage Retention as a policy option, you will be paid the Agreed Value less any excess and retain the salvage at no cost.

Choice of Repairer

Dedicated vehicle owners usually have a good idea of who is best qualified and equipped to repair their car, so we give you the option of choosing your own repairer. If they don’t want to do the job or submit an unrealistic quote, we reserve the right to request additional quotes. Work performed by a licensed repairer is covered by a ‘Lifetime Repair Guarantee’.

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

To ensure that repair work on your car meets expected standards, all repairs carried out by appropriately-qualified and licensed people is covered by a guarantee that remains effective for the usable life of your vehicle while it remains under your ownership.

Excess-Free Glass Cover

If your vehicle is 30 years old or more and suffers a broken windscreen, rear or side window glass it will be replaced at no cost. Excess-free glass cover is available as an option on other policies.

Rental Car Following Theft

If your vehicle is insured for Regular or Business use and is stolen, the policy will pay the cost of a rental vehicle for up to 14 days and a maximum of $1400.

Trailer Cover

When your car is covered through Enthusiast, any trailer it tows is automatically covered against any Third Party damage it may cause and for own loss or damage up to $1000. Trailers worth more than $1000 and used for private purposes including transporting your own vehicles to shows or other events can be covered separately for their replacement value on a Multi-Vehicle policy.

Replacement of New Vehicle

Subject to policy conditions described in the PDS, Enthusiast will supply a vehicle of the same model and series with the same options (if available) including Government charges and 12 months registration.

Emergency Accommodation

If your vehicle is damaged or stolen more than 250km from home, we will pay up to $750 for accommodation and return transport.