Types of Cover

Regular Use

Your special car doesn’t need to be hidden away and used only on special occasions to qualify for Enthusiast cover. Under a Regular Use policy, it’s covered to be driven every day; to and from work, to do the shopping or ferry kids to school in considerable style. There’s also an extension that covers it for certain types of Business Use. Please note that, except for vehicles that form part of an approved Enthusiast Collection, the maximum Sum Insured for Regular Use vehicles is $150,000.

Recreational Use

If you’ve got two or more vehicles and don’t use all of them as regular transport, then Recreational cover is for you. It offers a significant premium reduction on Regular use but doesn’t stop you using your special car for the occasional trip to work or if your main means of transport is being serviced.

This cover is ideal for those vehicle enthusiasts who have an older model but prefer to keep it fully registered rather than accept the restrictions that come with Historic or Concessional registration schemes.

In our Regular Use category we don’t expect you will drive more than 8,000 kilometres annually.

Limited Recreational Use

This type of cover is very popular with owners of later-model cars that don’t qualify for Concessional Registration but rarely venture out of their garages. If you own a Modern Classic, or even an older model that you prefer to keep on full registration and it’s driven an average of five days per month or less (that’s 60 days per year), ‘Limited Rec’ can save you money and offers a reduced excess as well.

In our Limited Regular Use category we don’t expect you will drive more than 5,000 kilometres annually.

Club/Concessional Use

If your car, truck or historic motorcycle is registered under a Club or Concessional scheme, Enthusiast can offer insurance cover at rates that reflect the minimal risk exposure of ‘Club Reg’ vehicles.

Restoration/Laid Up

Mainstream insurers baulk at the prospect of insuring unregistered or incomplete vehicles. At Enthusiast, we offer this low-cost alternative on vehicles you don’t use or are rebuilding.

Cover applies when the vehicle is securely garaged at your home or a storage facility. It is also covered when in the keeping of a restoration business or repairer and when being transported by truck or trailer between locations.

Enthusiast Collection Cover

So, you’ve read through the above categories and discovered that your collection of vehicles all qualify for at least one level of Enthusiast cover.  You don’t (or very rarely) use them all at once but you want to be able to use them when and how you like. If so, Enthusiast Collection Cover is the one to choose. You can nominate to drive one, two or more at any one time and save substantial money on the cost of individual cover. Under this type of cover we can even include regular-use vehicles that might be too new or ‘mainstream’ to fit within other Enthusiast categories.