How do you put value on a car?

Valuing motor vehicles can be a confusing process. That’s especially the case when a car is older and finding comparable examples in the market is difficult.

Enthusiast Underwriting is fortunate to have among its senior management team Steve Walter and Cliff Chambers, who have both worked professionally in motor vehicle valuation. Since 1995, Cliff has also compiled the highly-respected ‘Unique Cars Value Guide’ and written articles on buying and valuing hundreds of different models.

Enthusiast maintains a valuation register of more than 3000 individual vehicles, so we are able to provide guidance on the realistic replacement value for a variety of models.

Not all vehicles we consider for insurance will fall within our valuation range. Cars that have been modified, restored to an extremely high standard or have travelled exceptionally low distances may be worth considerably more than a standard example.

Often we are able to value vehicles based on comprehensive and high-quality photographs plus a list of work undertaken. It may also be possible to personally inspect your vehicle or collection.

Some models are so rare in Australia that we need to use information from overseas sources to determine a valid replacement value. In these instances the amount we insure your car for will include a contribution towards the additional costs of locating and importing a replacement should yours be too badly damaged to economically repair.

In some circumstances we are able to accept valuations from experienced and accredited motor valuers. These people can include staff of motor valuation businesses which specialise in older or unusual vehicles, specialist dealers, auction houses and loss adjusters.

Before obtaining a valuation from one of these sources, please contact your local Enthusiast Underwriting office to ensure that the valuation will be acceptable to us and our Insurers.

‘Club’ valuations or ‘opinions’ from motor dealers who have minimal exposure to the specialist market are NOT acceptable.