Vehicle Security – keeping your car safe

The best protection your special vehicle can have is three walls and a garage door. A surprising number of claims occur as a result of vehicles being exposed to the elements; thefts, malicious damage, hail and storm damage to name a few. If yours is in a locked garage, or even under cover behind a secured gate, the effect on your Enthusiast premium will be pleasantly significant.

Most models built during the past 20 years have some form of immobiliser fitted as standard equipment. Car thieves know this as well and have worked out the easiest means of disabling factory security systems.

Recognising that caring owners will make a special effort to protect their vehicles from theft, Enthusiast offers a 10% premium discount to everyone who fits and maintains in working order an engine immobilser that meets specific standards (see our PDS document for details).

For models with an abnormal theft risk, a separate immobiliser will be mandatory before theft cover can be effected with Enthusiast. In some instances, higher levels of theft protection including Tracking devices may be required.