What We Insure

‘If it’s special to you, then it’s special to us’ sums up the Enthusiast philosophy towards the types of vehicle we’re keen to cover.

It’s commonly regarded that ‘traditional’ classic models ceased to be built after the late-1970s. That attitude is slowly changing, but some specialist insurers maintain definitions that belong back in the 1980s.

At Enthusiast we believe that a ‘classic’ should  be defined not  by what it is but how it is perceived and treated by its owner. Punch the buttons on this page to see brief descriptions of the range of vehicle we cover.

Veteran, Vintage & Post-Vintage

Big brass radiators and sweeping, separate mudguards typify the world’s earliest cars. Today they are mostly kept as collectibles and used for club-organised events but risks still exist and parts can be hard to find. Should the worst happen and the car is damaged beyond economic repair, you automatically receive the wreck.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are the cars that still get ‘baby-boomer’ pulses racing. At Enthusiast we are specialists at classic car insurance. This era of automotive history was responsible for some of the greatest cars ever made; including highly-valued ‘muscle’ machines, exotic sports and family models, even the ‘economy’ cars that put entire nations on wheels. If your car, commercial vehicle or motorcycle has been around for 30 years or longer then in our eyes it has earned ‘Classic’ status.

Modern Classic – 1980s and beyond

Not everyone is into polishing chrome and spending their Saturdays up to their elbows in oil. If your special car comes from the era of plastic bumpers and fuel injection, you’re also very welcome at Enthusiast.

Some cars that were once common are becoming quite scarce, yet a lot of insurers continue to regard them as near worthless. If you own a well-preserved example of a car that others don’t yet acknowledge as a classic, Enthusiast is happy to insure it for a value that reflects its true replacement cost and significance as a ‘survivor’.

Performance & Prestige Cars

Australia, Europe, the USA and Japan have all built models that fit within this category. Examples include early Brock and HSV models, XR-prefix Fords, sporty Japanese coupes, 1990s prestige sedans and even big, US-built 4WDs bought to tow the boat or your historic racing car.

Upper Level Performance & Prestige

These are the cars that generate envious looks whenever they pass by. We don’t insure everything in this category (cars worth more than $150,000 and used Regularly, for example) but if you have more than a couple of cars or your Prestige model qualifies for Enthusiast’s Recreational Use cover the premium savings can be significant. Fitting a high-quality security system to supplement the factory theft protection unit may be required.

Modified Cars

Plenty of people want to turn quite mundane cars into something special and at Enthusiast we fully understand that. Vehicles with more than a couple of basic mods can easily generate a ‘no thanks’ from the motor insurance mainstream, but not here.

Providing the changes are LEGAL under the registration rules applying in the state where the vehicle is registered and you’re a responsible driver with decent traffic and claims histories, Enthusiast is happy to offer cover on a wide range of modified vehicles.

Low-Volume Imports

If your car wasn’t originally registered in Australia, you may have encountered a few brick walls when looking for insurance.

Used imports of all ages qualify and providing your imported vehicle was certified under the Low Volume Scheme that operated before 2004 or the RAWS regulations that have applied since then, chances are we’ll be able to offer you full Comprehensive cover at a very sensible cost.

Personally imported cars and recently-arrived older models can usually be covered under a Classic or Modern Classic policy.