classic car values fluctuate

Are you Vintage or Classic?

May 22nd, 2018
Readers who have been around since the 1970s or before will have witnessed continual movements in the value of vehicles we today know as ‘classics’. Before 1960, older cars would be described as ‘vintage’ or mayb

The Rise Of The Sports Car

May 8th, 2018
Most dictionaries disagree or simply do not try to define the ‘sports car’. One which accepted the challenge was the Macquarie Dictionary of Motoring penned by motoring authority and trained engineer Pedr Davis. Unde
british spare parts

Where Did You Get That Part?

May 1st, 2018
Where Did You Get That Part?  Walk around a Display Day checking out the old and often rare vehicles and some self-appointed ‘expert’ will doubtless be heard to comment; “Imagine trying to find parts for that.”

Races That Gave Their Names To Classic Cars

April 24th, 2018
Scan through some advertisements for popular Australian performance cars and you will sooner or later come upon one claiming to be a ‘Bathurst Special’. Wow, you may be tempted to think, one of the specially built ca

Cool Movie Cars – how much?!

April 16th, 2018
Here at Enthusiast Insurance we like nothing more than a cinema classic with lots of grand old cars parading past the camera. Sad thing is, for many of the past 50 years, the cars have been driven b
broken glass

Please Don’t Break The Glass

April 3rd, 2018
Back when many of the cars Enthusiast now insures were new, a broken windscreen could be a life-threatening event. Very early automobiles didn’t come with a windscreen at all and later when they did the material was si
rubber on the road

Rubber on the Road – who knew??

March 27th, 2018
Unless your car comes from the age of iron rims or inflates its tyres from a nitrogen cylinder then you will be among the vast majority riding on treaded rubber hoops filled with good old fresh air. The tyres of today ha
mini in the wet

Mini around wet track at Goodwood – Festival of Speed

March 20th, 2018
How great is this mini around a wet track at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed. Thanks to Just Cars for posting on their Facebook page. Cheers Steve Hunter.

Rise and rise of the Family 4WD (or SUV)

March 13th, 2018
Arguments still rankle about which car company developed the ‘pickup’ or ‘utility’ and likewise there is no clear decision over whose design was the first ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ or SUV. The terminology is ve
salvage retention

Salvage Retention – Why do you need it?

March 6th, 2018
The worst has just happened. Through no fault of your own the car you have washed, polished and cherished has been damaged and because parts are hard to find your insurer isn’t prepared to repair it. Worse still, if yo